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We help businesses, enterprises, and individuals to adopt emerging technologies and implement changes in their existing action plans, as this is the best way to grow exponentially. Despite having Indore, an India-based headquarter company didn’t stop us to grow as our major clients are from Europe, the USA, Australia, and other famous continents. We have won the heart of clients successfully and created a brand image in the market by offering innovative technology solutions.

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The 5 qualities required to become a good QA are:

The tester should be “Peculiar”

The QA tester should be Peculiar or Curious about what’s new and should have a view of how an application or software should work. The eagerness leads to a great result. The person should be able to well-versed with all the relevant tools. Even when it comes to the manual, curiosity leads to success.

Should have “Keen Observing” quality

The Keen Observing is a must, even while doing some other work, a good QA tester should be able to focus on its main job. Even small things that can make a huge difference, if paid attention properly, can make a software or applicate fully-compliant. This is the foremost quality required to become a tester.

A “Sharp Memory”

It usually happens that a client won’t mention all things in requirements necessarily, but a good QA tester will make sure with his memory that any relevant changes or updates required to fix, has to be done. This quality takes the client’s satisfaction to an extra mile.

Must have a “Logical Mind”

There are few parameters under which few applications or software break. A logic has to be created that a user gets the benefit but never misuses the liberty of it. A Logical QA will make sure, the client and its customers, both are happy with the app or software.

Understand & Translate easily.

Nowadays, there are n number of online portals that provide jobs to companies as well as freelancers. A QA should understand the language of the client with its proper intention of saying, as it helps to match the required quality and assure the client and its users.

The updates of software or application and releases of improvements should be fast & small with minimum side-effects and should achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. Using proper tools and goal-focused ability, a QA can become a good tester and can easily achieve the required goals of client.

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