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We help businesses, enterprises, and individuals to adopt emerging technologies and implement changes in their existing action plans, as this is the best way to grow exponentially. Despite having Indore, an India-based headquarter company didn’t stop us to grow as our major clients are from Europe, the USA, Australia, and other famous continents. We have won the heart of clients successfully and created a brand image in the market by offering innovative technology solutions.

ARTICLE BY AM Wevtech (Marketing Team)

Get set Go

On 23 June 2010, 3 skilled, risk-takers started from a shared space, more correctly from a cabin, and common working space with 2 more members. The journey was tough, with support from friends and family who took a loan of about $2000 for purchase machines and rent equipment.


Every dream comes with a struggle. We started off with a very very low budget project yet the special one as it was the first. It took us a few more months to get a big project that we worked on for over 6 months, it was a big hit. We had funds and then we added 10 new members and 3 more rooms for operations.

Marking the territory

We had our team all set to work and handle the project now this was the time when we stepped out to do a little marketing to sustain and build a strong revenue cycle and build strong savings for organization’s long term goals, during this period we started to think about how to achieve our first $100K yearly revenue.

Expanding people

Marketing helped us to make our way through opening new doors to opportunity. Things got better and now we had a team of 15+ members having seniority levels of experience. We started off with new energy and focused more and more on quality and customer satisfaction.

Change is the only constant

As you had new peoples we knew it’s time to make the decision and instead of taking decisions on our own, we should leave it to the people we build the organization for. We officially announced transformation 2.0 and mission 2020, we have started a new independent department for growth and support, focused on what to achieve and when to achieve Defined direction, goals, it was the time of intro inspection.

Growing together

The teams took charge now and started to compete for achieving their own goals, somewhere each team is trying to achieve their first individual milestone, within 2 and half years each team has achieved its own set of benchmarks.

Building culture

As we now had a team of 50+ members, It was our time to build a culture within the organization, the working process. we have started to build a culture, deliver what we have known for, to achieve this, we moved to new premises, where all teams can work together in the opera office area.

New Workplace

We were now in a place where we shifted to a new office, with a much better location and luxuries. It was like a dream come true, a place for every department, every team, and whatnot.

Offshore Trip

Our team traveled to Europe to build client relationships. Every year we are visiting Europe and client visits for a smooth transition of work, culture. Team of 7+ members dedicatedly supporting clients to build enterprise-level SaaS products. the sales team participated in the B2B event, traveled to Europe, Africa to find new prospects.

Recognized Globally

We emerged in the Global market as soon as 2020 started. We were the official lanyard sponsors of Indiasoft 2020. We had a grand booth where we did some potential partnerships.

Our core purpose to build this organization was to build a people culture where you prioritize quality and customer support. We feel so proud that we now have :

  • Team size of 50+ members
  • 7 teams with 20% of members sticked with us from past 5+ years and 35% of members working with us since last 3 years,
  • Client average life 5+ years, repeat business growing by 35%+ year on year.

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