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GIS Application Development

Do you have a business that requires you to track, detect and gather information about a location?

Let’s invest in developing GIS Software that leads you to great heights. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) helps to gather, analyze and edit spatial data, usually, focusing on simulation, the visualization that provides accurate and precise results.

GIS is designed to track real-time location by using cutting-edge technologies geo-location tagging and mapping integration, though it automatically detects the dimensions and points of locations. This is possible only with GPS and data sources as it is considered the perfect solution for businesses to grow and improve their services.

As a leading GIS software development company, we have a team of experienced software developers that have deep knowledge of implementing the latest technologies. Our team incorporates Mapping integration, Google Maps, GPS, standard cartographic functions, navigational tools, imagery and quick searches in rendering GIS services.

Many well-known firms like Uber, Swiggy, and WHO are using geospatial information systems in their businesses as it helps them to collect the respective information about rides, deliveries, and patients.

The portfolio of our GIS applications is a state of art that developed with geo-location tracking and GPS technology resulting in many businesses from SMEs to large enterprises.

The number of GIS applications has high demand in the IT industry and it is growing at a speedy rate as of the following benefits:-
  1. Better Decision Making Skills
  2. Seamless Communication
  3. Efficient Outcomes lead to cost savings
  4. Easier to maintain a record of geographic information
  5. Real-Time and Hot Spot Analysis
  6. Predicts and Analyze Accurate Results

Reasons to Choose AM WebTech for GIS Software Services

SaaS App Design & Development

GIS Software Development

We implement Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in software development that performs seamlessly as robust features. It helps to address issues of GIS maps and location information.

SaaS Consulting Services

GIS Mapping Services

Mapping is the most powerful & spatial technology of GIS that helps to visualize overlaid data to the map and separate data into different layers to make the complex information. Our GIS Mapping Software solutions include an array of geographical features GPS, spatial queries, hot spot analysis, real-time analysis, surface analysis, and so on.

Mobile SaaS Application Development

GIS Application Development

We design customized GIS Apps that help in tracking points or objects to give accurate results & real-time solutions. We gather geographical data from various sources and then display that data on a map to use for data analysis & insight purposes.

Data Visualization Solutions

Geofencing Apps

We develop mobile apps or software applications with geofencing technology that helps businesses to avail benefit from location-based marketing. It helps marketers to gather information and keep engaged with users through remote sensing - enter, stay or leave in certain geographical locations.

Third-party Integration Services

GIS API Integration

We help you to offer GIS-based application services with servers focused on development that synchronize your data through maps with GIS technology along with cache on any device within range for service towards all disengaged or engaged devices.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

GIS Programming Services

Our back-end team has extensive knowledge and experience in developing GIS applications and they use top application development tools & programming languages Java, Visual Basic, Visual, C#k, C++, JSP, ASP, XML, GML, and Cold Fusion.

Process of developing GIS Applications

The SaaS development cycle is different from the traditional software development process. There are many aspects which need to be taken into consideration while choosing the core architecture of the SaaS software.

The SaaS development process either of the internal organization usage or external use requires the process which gets modified by keeping the consideration of the end users.

SaaS provides the real solutions to the business who are struggling from the continuous traditional and inefficient inhouse system.

Project Planning

Along with product designing our human resource team focuses on which tools & techniques we will use in the process of creating GIS applications. It gives assurance of safety and accuracy by tracking data through maps and GPS tools.

App Framework

It's a well-known fact that a framework is the most important element of any mobile application, thus making it appealing and unique from others. We add core functionalities in the application like login, basic views, UI, and proper navigational tools.

Add Libraries & Maps

Now it's time to add the GIS technique to the process. In this step, we implement the sources, data, and tools chosen in step 1. We import or collect data through API. We make all possible efforts to create a GIS application to ensure seamless & compatible performance.

Build GIS Components/Maps

The basic structure of the app and the data sources get ready with us. We do refine the analysis and presentation of data through components & maps. We also add attributive data that displays the information in a better manner we want to layer on our maps.

Add layers & Objects

To get ready the final product now we add the layers and objects to ensure user-friendly. In this step, we focused on and refined data-heavy maps.

Refine, Test & Repeat

We always test our functionalities before handing over the product to the client. If they don't meet expectations or standards we work on them again & again. It doesn't launch until it meets our high standards.

FAQs On GIS Development Company

A geographic information system can be defined as it is a software system that collects, manages, creates, and analyses various types of data through techniques like GPS, mapping, API integration. It helps to connect data by obtaining information to a map accessing and exclusion points.

Remote Sensing helps to monitor, detect and classify objects on earth without physical contact. Special cameras or aerial sensors are used in remote sensing to collect remotely sensed images.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to send information to GPS receivers on the ground, generally accomplished through satellites. It helps to determine the location. Geographical Information System (GIS) is a combination of hardware and software programs that helps to manipulate, analyze and gather geographical data through satellites.

Geofencing is an area set by machine learning and setting the limit for a device to be within the boundaries of geofencing. While geolocation is a coordinate as per earth location to identify an area with accuracy.

GIS is often used in scientific investigations, resource management, and development planning. It is mostly used by healthcare, aviation, travel, and fleet operating systems. Some of the prestigious industries including Starbucks, WHO, Uber are using GIS technology services.

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