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Quality Assurance or QA in Software testing is defined as the process to make sure the software application or SaaS products fulfill all functionality as per the user's needs & business goals. The quality assurance services ensure a smooth product development cycle without any bugs with optimum performance & quality. Quality assurance is popularly known as QA.

With the dedicated quality assurance of the software products, the development timeframe of the products gets reduced with the wide spectrum of the software testing helps to ensure the great quality of the next-generation products. We implement the latest & best methodology in software testing services with highly skilled professionals empowered with all modern testing tools & knowledge.

Leveraging the best quality assurance services to create high-performance web, cloud, and mobile app solutions. Get access to the best software testing services which ensure the best performance in every circumstance & environment.

Each test is performed as per the preference of the customers & business needs with the correct implementation of the methods like manual software testing or automation software testing.

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Manual Software Testing

Manual testing is a process in which a tester performs the test cases manually without the usage of any automation tools. This process ensures that the testing should be performed as per the user's behaviors & perceptions. It provides exceptional benefits to finding even small & critical bugs which can severely impact the product's performance & business branding. The manual testing service makes sure that the core functionality should work in perfect conditions and create a strong foundation for automation testing.

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Automation Software Testing

Automation software testing is the process in which the tools are engaged for repetitive testing and to analyze the predicted outcomes & results. In automation software testing human intervention is not required which reduces the probability of human errors. The tools of Automation software testing are which are being implemented are Kobiton, Selenium, Cucumber, Postman, Appium, JMeter, etc.

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Performance Software Testing

It's a type of software testing where the software application is being checked under their expected workload. This allows for ensuring the sustainability, & stability of the system in the specific user load. the objective of performance software testing is to eliminate performance congestion in all potential circumstances.

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Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing is a process where an application gets tested on various mobile devices of iOS & android. The main motive of this test is to ensure the functionality, stability & usability of the application across multiple devices. The better performance of the apps on mobile devices fosters the business that ensures a better user experience with better ROI.

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eCommerce Testing

The eCommerce testing enables to check of the online experience of the users from start to end. It consists of identifying errors in the platform features & functionalities. In eCommerce testing, the team ensures secure transactions, mobile responsiveness, data security & load time.

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API Testing

API is the short name of the Application Programming Interface. The API testing ensures the effective validation of the logic of the build's architecture in less time. API testing enables to analyze the multiple endpoints like web services, databases & user interfaces. This is also an integral part of agile software development & testing in which quick validation is made with the necessary flow.

Reasons to Choose AM Webtech for Software Testing Services

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Agile Approach

As a leading company in the Quality Assurance Service, we follow an agile approach in the testing process to render high-quality software applications by using a DevOps set of practices that helps to manage multiple activities & ensures better ROI during the software development cycle.

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Field Experts

Our experienced and highly skilled testers & engineers help to deliver outstanding results. Our Quality Assurance services are explicated to minimize cost, improve productivity and proliferate time-to-market. Our team deeply understands the client or business requirement and then offers the best software testing solutions accordingly.

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Quality Assurance Services helps to determine the vulnerabilities & errors from the root cause and software testers eliminate those errors by using different software testing techniques. We give clients access to different channels like video conferencing tools, online meetings, and shared tools for tracking real-time projects assuring transparency & visibility in everyday activities.

AM Webtech Quality Assurance Process

The software testing Life Cycle (STLC) or software testing process has a set of different stages that performs specific activities in the testing process to make sure determined goals are met.

It helps to meet the standard of the business in various means like improving scalability, reducing cost, saving time, and increasing productivity & sales.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services provides the right direction to businesses that are facing technical issues (speed, glitches, or errors) in their websites or software applications.

While doing the testing of software applications, a tester has to go through the following stages.

Requirement Phase Testing/ Requirement Analysis

Requirement Phase Testing is another term used for requirement analysis. During this stage, the testing team deeply understands the requirement of the software from a testing point of view of how the software is supposed to perform tasks. If they don’t do this, they don’t test the application effectively.

Test Planning

During the phase of test planning, the QA manager plans a proper strategy for software testing by determining the estimation of cost and efforts for the project. Furthermore, whatever resources are required, which testing methodology & testing schedule is going to be used are ascertained. The testing team prepares and finalizes the test plan in the same phase.

Test Case Development

Once the test plan is finalized, the testing team has started working on test cases & test scripts that include the creation, verification, and rework. The data of testing is identified then created, reviewed, and reworked - this whole process is based on the preconditions. Later on, the QA team starts working on the development process for individual units of test cases.

Test Environment Setup

During the test environment setup phase of SDLC, the team finalizes the software and hardware condition in which a work product is being tested by the team. It is the crucial step of the testing process that can be done parallelly with the test case development. In this activity, the development team is required to provide the test environment and then the testing team starts work on the readiness check (smoke testing) of the test environment.

Test Execution

The tester started executing the testing and this is done based on test cases and test plans prepared in the 6above stages. While doing the execution, this process includes test script maintenance, test script execution, and bug reporting. If bugs are identified in the execution then it is given back to the development team for correcting and then again retesting will be performed.

Test Cycle Closure

Test execution is completed in the test cycle closure stage which comprises various activities such as the report of test completion, collection of test completion metrics, and test results. Members of the testing team discuss, meet and examine testing artifacts to make effective strategies that are to be implemented in the future for better results.

FAQ’s on Software Testing Services

Software testing is a process of determining vulnerabilities & threats in the software development life cycle. It can be done by using different testing techniques automation testing, manual testing & security testing.

As a leading company of Quality Assurance Services, we aim to deliver high-quality and reliable software testing solutions to businesses. Our highly-skilled human resources use cutting-edge technologies in the software development process. Our continuous interaction with the clients helps to track the status of a project with real-time tracking tools.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing are confusing terms often used for the same purpose to detect errors & bugs in software applications. The major difference is that Quality Assurance is a process of preventing software while Software Testing is a process of identifying glitches that can be performed by tools & techniques.

Software Testing Metrics are a quantitative measure that helps to identify the progress, effectiveness, cost, and quality of the project in the testing process. It enables you to evaluate whether your project is going in the right direction or not.

A software bug is a problem that arises to running a program because of invalid output or crashing. It is happened by insufficient or erroneous logic that redirected the computer to a place where the command does not exist and the computer shows incorrect results.

The important SaaS metrics are the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), acquisition rate and churn rates, these make a big difference to your business development.

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