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Saas App Development

Solving a business problem with technology is known as SaaS ( Software as Service). At AM Webtech experts help the individual business to realize their dream and build a cloud base system with scalable applications. SaaS has become a widely used application on the global level and runs over the internet connection or internet browser.

SaaS is basically a ready-made solution where the users pay the subscription fee to get access to the services. The SaaS application development team follows the advanced agile methodologies to deliver the saas products within the given time frame with the topmost bug-free experience.

SaaS solutions is expanding its niches to the various businesses, industries and entrepreneurs. SaaS applications reduce the risk of financial instability of the business on the costly software usage. It embraces the various spheres of the organization like Sales, payroll, HRM, CRM, resource planning and much more. These advanced technologies software are not installed in every device to operate and perform the various operations with technologies which centralised the data flow and storage

Benefits of SaaS Application
  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Time Management
  3. Scalability & Accessibility
  4. High Adoption Rate
  5. App Integration
  6. Cross-Device Compatibility

Why AM Webtech For SaaS Apps Development Services

SaaS App Design & Development

SaaS App Design & Development

The SaaS application is mainly designed while keeping the user’s perspective in mind which ensures good engagement. The modern and simple UI/UX allows an application to be user friendly and acts as a rapid catalyst in goal conversion and improve ROI.

SaaS Consulting Services

SaaS Consulting Services

SaaS consulting services help the SaaS product management to convert the products into the turnkey plan of tech implementation with respect to the competitive SaaS market. The consulting services help in all stages of the product cycle starting from pre-launch to till it matures.

Mobile SaaS Application Development

Mobile SaaS Application

The SaaS mobile application can run online as well offline. These types of apps are hoisted on the browser or on the respective OS. AM Webtech delivers top-notch quality mobile SaaS with depth customization, data security & smart backup features to enhance the overall business performance & customer satisfaction.

Data Visualization Solutions

Software On-Demand SaaS Development

Software on-demand refers to the computer application that is delivered as a service via an internet connection. It's another segment of the industry that is implemented to lower the business operation cost and capital expenditure for the enterprises and startups.

Third-party Integration Services

Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration means to fetch the data from the external source with the help of different APIs. It enables the SaaS application to manage the architecture easily. With the third party, integration developers can build the solution in a short span of time.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multi-Tenant Architecture

In a single-tenant architecture, the tenant owns the application. While in the multi-tenant SaaS architecture, the client is allowed to run the application with the usage of widely available data at a lower cost. It provides the facility to scale the business in an easy manner.

SaaS Development Cycle Or Process

The SaaS development cycle is different from the traditional software development process. There are many aspects which need to be taken into consideration while choosing the core architecture of the SaaS software.

The SaaS development process either of the internal organization usage or external use requires the process which gets modified by keeping the consideration of the end users.

SaaS provides the real solutions to the business who are struggling from the continuous traditional and inefficient inhouse system.

Product Vision/ Ideation

The product vision is essential product development, as it is important to know which problem it is going to solve either for the organization or for the end users. The product vision should be bold as it acts as a north star which guides the business to the right direction. This phase also helps to analyze the user persona of the end users.

Platform Planning

The platform planning plots the foundation of the deliverables of the SaaS product. This gives the clear picture of the resource allotment for certain areas like the technical and non technical specifications. The planning stage also covers the marketing aspects which need to be performed before and after the launch of the SaaS product.

Development & Documentation

This stage has complexity, in this phase “the rubber meets the Road’, this complexity is reduced with the help of proper documentation. The presence of the documentation keeps the progress of the development on the tracks and ensures the good quality of the product. Many essential developments are performed with respect to the architecture of the SaaS products.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance stage ensures that the software gives the customers what they exactly expect. The team defines the features of the deliverables and work is performed on each step of the development to ensure the best product development. When the best work is performed on the quality assurance it drives the products more towards the customers satisfaction.

Deployment & Maintenance

The deployment process is performed by the SaaS provider, which is often automated. The deployment is considered complete once the user accesses the SaaS offering. Even after the deployment, the lifecycle of the SaaS development continues with the frequent updates and security patches for the constant improvement in the SaaS products and customer experience.

FAQ On SaaS Development

SaaS is a method of remotely delivering software, meaning that the service contractor can access it from any device with an Internet connection.

Development of SaaS costs less than traditional SaaS software development but the cost still is something that not all enterprises can incur. There are many factors that are inclusive of the final amount that is charged by a SaaS development company. If we look it up on the internet, the average cost that is required to develop a SaaS product that can be used on a daily basis is $30,000. This can be increased or decreased as per the requirements of enterprises.

The above is the short name of the Software as a Service, Platform as a Services & Infrastructure As a Services respectively.

Software As A Service or SaaS is software that works on the cloud computing platforms which does not need to be installed on the devices. The software can be accessed from a browser from any remote location.

Yes, there is a separate segment for the Mobile SaaS Application. The number of mobile users are increasing rapidly and it becomes essential for the enterprise to provide this facility to their users.

The important SaaS metrics are the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), acquisition rate and churn rates, these make a big difference to your business development.

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