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Pandemic made it clear to every CFO and owner of the business the importance of digital business transformation in the industry. It helps to get connected with the workforce, customers, and organizations when the people are locked inside the home. This is one of the reasons that digital transformation services have a huge demand in the market and are growing dynamically.

AM WebTech, as a leading digital transformation company helps businesses in identifying the gaps in their action plan and provides the best digital solutions. We have a team of dedicated digital experts and specialists that develop the right framework by communicating with clients to understand the requirements of existing operating models of business and consult them on best digital practices for their business.

Using digital transformation technologies IoT, Data Analytics, AI, Robotic Process Automation we recommend businesses or companies to use advanced digital solutions for securing, optimizing, and scaling their operations. Moreover, it also helps to render a better customer experience.

We take care of each and everything from creating new products to meeting the ever-changing demand of customers in our digital transformation consulting services. Our agile and intelligent software solutions allow businesses to grow exponentially across the globe.

Benefits of Business Transformation Services with AM WebTech

Let’s have look at how business transformation services help in minimizing costs and saving loads of hours:-

  1. The efficiency of the operational process increases due to Robotic Process Automation
  2. TAll work is managed in digital form thus saving ample time and no need to maintain manual records
  3. Improves Productivity by using an agile approach and the right technologies
  4. Better Customer Experience with data-driven insights
  5. Foster innovative ideas
  6. Work is performed in a faster manner

AM WebTech Digital Transformation Services

Empowering business with agile and cutting-edge digital transformation solutions and getting ready to stay ahead in the competitive market

SaaS App Design & Development

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We use Artificial Intelligence & machine learning that will allow automating the operation activities of the business process leading to increased efficiency, minimizing operational cost, gaining insights from Big Data, and so forth.

SaaS Consulting Services

Internet of Things (IoT)

We use computing devices in IoT that will enable us to streamline business operation activities and help to create intelligent assets. Using real-time analytics not only helps to monitor the business operations but also in decision making.

Mobile SaaS Application Development

Cloud Computing

We use cloud computing solutions that will enable companies to accelerate timelines, enhance scalability and concentrate on network security. Use our business transformation solutions to shift your mobile strategy to the cloud.

Data Visualization Solutions

Application & Web Development

We use a digital transformation strategy to develop mobile & web applications that will make the bequest systems more efficient & agile. Our specialists are experts in creating simple CMS websites to more complex e-commerce portals and web applications.

Third-party Integration Services

Microservers & Serverless

Our digital transformation consultant will help enterprises to build scalable, greenfield & robust applications through microservices architecture that leads to reduced operational cost, easy to deploy & save time, as it is connected with serverless workloads.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Digital Services

Our digital transformation consultant recommends companies use Digital Services to reach customers through online presence and let them know about services & offerings. It is essential for every business to promote products online by using social media marketing, local SEO, and digital marketing services.

Our Approach

We approach every client attentively and listen to their challenges with an open mind, as every client's journey is different. We take care of each & everything right from consulting to implementation. We follow the four steps process in our Business Transformation Solutions:-


Before we make any decision, we consult with businesses to get to know about their work details and where they are facing difficulties thus it helps in identifying the root cause of the problem. Also, we set definite goals and targets.


Vehicle runs only with fuel in the same manner business runs with the implementation of digital transformation technologies. It is pointing towards that businesses are going in a smart direction. We create a defined DX roadmap by working sprightly, nimbly, and quickly, thus it allows us to change a course plan it is required.


We suggest an ideal solution to the client after agreeing mutually. The solution will be taken only after understanding the business requirements. Also, we will make efforts in understanding customer and employee experiences, and also try to discover what motivates them. We help businesses to solve emotion-related issues that render better decision-making.


We believe in delivering beyond our limits and always try to make a meaningful connection with clients as it helps to build our image in the market. The solution we have selected in the previous stage will be implemented here with proper training. Moreover, this activity is performed by skilled & qualified human resources.

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